Wiha Kicks-Off ElectricVario Family

Wiha Kicks-Off ElectricVario Family

Kick-off, pass, shoot and goal. Wiha is presenting a new line-up which will deliver the right move no matter what type of fastening is involved.

The ElectricVario Family is a system comprising of 83 tools which can be fully combined with one another.

In addition to many new ‘signings’, the newly announced Wiha team also includes existing Wiha solutions in different set compilations.

The team mission

The Wiha ElectricVario Family (EVF) brings together all fastening tools which users need for all types of challenges and fastenings.

The fully protection-insulated system and its accompanying campaign appearance should help users to identify its advantages and derive ideal benefit from the different possible combinations.

Users can compile their own suitable ‘line-up’ from the entire professional team on an individual basis.

The squad

As in professional football, Wiha divides all 83 items into playing positions.

The six different handle variants ‘in defence’ have different possible combinations for their next ‘pass’: either via the extension or torque adapter in midfield or directly to the attackers.

The latter comprise a large selection of slimBits and drivers.

The mobile Torque QuickCheck rapid torque testing device defends against incorrect torque fastenings in ‘goal’.

The ‘trainers’ bring together the many ‘individual talents’ into application-oriented ‘teams’. New tool sets in multifunctional or folding bags or slimBit boxes.


The ‘new signings’ in defence represent two new handle variants.

The new PicoFinish electric excels with its slim handle with precision and utmost care. With optimal balance between force and control, the new slimVario electric handle allows users to work ergonomically.

Regulars include well-known players such as the small, versatile Stubby electric; the fast-paced, electrically-powered speedE; the LiftUp electric with slimBits in the handle; and the flexibly adjustable torque handle TorqueVario-S electric.


If the screw fastening task requires a ‘pass to midfielders’, the five easyTorque torque adapters or new slimBit extensions, blades and adapters for handles and nut drivers await.


Forwards complete the pass and ‘strike home’, represented by a large portfolio of new and existing slimBits and ¼” hexagon socket spanners.

As a result of intensive cooperation with users, and the insights into the needs of the market gained as a result, the existing Wiha range has been extended to include many new profiles and bit sizes.

It does not matter whether space is restricted or the screw is deep or firmly set, or control, precision, staying power or agility are required.

Any task can be completed safely, efficiently and ergonomically with the right ‘pass’, i.e. the right tool combination, with no risk of electric shock.

The trainers

The trainers pull ‘individual talents’ together: the new 13-piece multifunctional bag, new folding bags or 6- to 12-piece slimBit boxes with belt holsters for easy transport and removal of slimBits.

The management

Wiha offers a wide range of communication means to help users optimally select the right tool sets or the right ‘squad’ for the application field in question.

A wide variety of POS materials and installations are offered for this purpose, allowing them to be integrated into the ‘retailer stadium’, where they catch the eye.

An extension to the Wiha Virtual Reality World is being added to comprehensive information materials, ‘fan merchandise’, animated films and clips on an own landing page.

You take a virtual tour of the team dressing room and learn precise details about each player.

To finish, you enter the green professional arena through the player tunnel, where not only the typical stadium atmosphere awaits users but also a fun shoot-out goal challenge.

For more information on the Wiha EVF, visit: www.wiha.com/evf.

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