Caught on Camera 8th March

Caught on Camera 8th March

It’s that time again! Here are this week’s most shocking finds…

Alvin Ashman of Ashman Electrical Services: “They must have been nuts if they thought they’d get away with this.”



Luke Humpage: “Here’s an image of a recent fault I went to. It was actually a loose neutral in a fuse spur, but this started to fuse together and caused a lot of heat build up within the DB – there were a lot of burn marks inside the cover! I told the customer that they should actually be happy that there was a fault as we obviously caught this just in time!!”

Ashley Stewart: “BT turned up to our unit to connect the phone line. They tested the line and added a join to extend it through the office. After the engineer left we tried accessing the internet, but no joy! We then rang customer service who said there was a fault on the line, so we had a quick look in the JB that the engineer had used and this is how we found it…! Both cables were just connected to themselves and shorting the line out – how do you even manage this? Good news is we joined it properly and it’s working fine now!”

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