Burg-Wächter’s Secure Communities Scheme keeps West Midlands Community Centre safe

Burg-Wächter’s Secure Communities Scheme keeps West Midlands Community Centre safe

A community centre in the West Midlands is benefiting from Burg-Wächter UK’s ‘Secure Communities Scheme’. The security specialist swung into action upon hearing about the need for Pelsall Community Centre to safeguard the people using it and stage equipment housed inside it, underlined by uninvited youngsters nuisance tripping fire alarms at the premises.

Burg-Wächter donated one of its wired camera kits, and now the community centre’s committee is confident about the security of the property entrusted to its care.

Committee member and Trustee, Arthur Roberts, comments:

“We have served the local community since 1965, and over the years our security needs have become greater. We had in place external cameras covering our doors, outdoor space and car park, however in today’s climate we needed to give our users greater security through the use of internal cameras. We wanted something that would work around the clock with video recording to enable people to feel more secure. We needed to be able to offer a space for locals to be able to enjoy education, sport, socialising, entertainment, family celebrations and so forth without having to think twice about their security. Burg-Wächter’s donation has helped us achieve this, and we’re very impressed that a commercial organisation would do such a thing free of charge.

“It was easy to apply for the equipment. We went onto the Burg-Wächter website and followed the link to its Secure Communities Scheme. Then all that was needed was to direct some details to an email address given there. I’m really glad we did!”

Burg-Wächter’s Secure Communities Scheme gives regional community leaders and volunteers the chance to win a security kit worth up to £200 for their organisation. Any regional initiative that is run by or supports the local community can apply.

Burg-Wächter launched the scheme in recognition of the fact that people around the country who are doing their bit for their community should not have to worry about the security of their premises, equipment or storage areas. The company’s Secure Communities Scheme is its way of saying thank you to community leaders for supporting people in their area.

The type of project or organisation that the scheme is open to is very wide-ranging. It could be a scouts group; a local sports group like a cycling or football club; a school after-hours club; a hospital or healthcare community programme; a provider of events for children or pensioners; a facilitator of village activity; or a town/village charity.

As long as the initiative is run by or supports the local community, and it has a specific security need Burg-Wächter would like to hear about it. Successful applicants will each receive a tailored security kit to help secure property, premises, equipment or storage areas to the value of £150 – £200 at retail price.

The Secure Communities Scheme is an ongoing initiative, which has already helped 105 regional causes through the provision of over 2,000 pieces of security equipment.

For further details of the scheme and rules of entry click here   

For information on Burg-Wächter’s range of wired camera kits and other home security products click here or call 01274 395 333.

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