Hyde: First Impressions

Hyde: First Impressions

Hyde, distributor of the Stabila and ToughBuilt brands, provides a number of solutions to the trades to ensure you present yourself in the right way to potential customers.

When you’ve been asked to quote on a job, and head off in your van with notepad and tape measure to hand, you probably don’t spare too much of a thought for what you look like; the customer is only
really interested in the price you quote for the job and your availability, right?

Actually, how you present yourself at that initial meeting could mean the difference between getting the job, or not. We’re not talking shiny shoes and a short back and sides haircut here – although these won’t hurt your chances – but rather how you choose to carry your equipment. If you’re the type of person who looks after their tools and technology, you’re more likely to care about doing a quality job, certainly in the eyes of your customers.

Present a good image
According to recent research conducted by Hyde, the tools a builder uses, and how professional they look, can mean the difference between getting the job or not. The distributor surveyed 1,000 UK homeowners about how they choose tradespeople. One of  the key findings concerned how professional an image they gave of themselves at the quotation stage, with over half (56%) of respondents saying this was key to giving a good first impression.

The fact is that while it may be tempting to turn up in dirty workwear at the end of a busy day, with just a scrappy notebook in order to quote for a new job, going armed with an iPad, a laser measurer and a neat folder in which to note your findings will make all the difference.

So what are the options for presenting yourself in a way that means customers will be more likely to accept your quote over and above another tradesman’s?

Often, it starts with something as simple as a notebook and tape measure – don’t just turn up with a scrap of paper and a pencil behind your ear and a tape measure that’s seen better days. To instil confidence in the customer that the measurements you’re taking down are accurate, and won’t be lost in a sea of debris the moment you’re back in your van, invest in some smart technology, and a smart case to keep it well protected, and job’s a good’un.


“The ToughBuilt iPad Organiser + Grid Notebook holds the iPad securely in place and is covered with a non-scratch surface, while a heavy-duty notebook is perfect for taking notes or drawing up plans by hand.”

Going Techno
An alternative to that tatty old tape measure is a distance laser measure, with Stabila having plenty of options to choose from. Offering rapid measurements with functions including length, area, volume, plus minimum and maximum tracking, such measures leave a standard tape measure gathering dust at the bottom of a tool bag thanks to the superior levels of accuracy they provide. Stabila’s LD320, for instance, is a simple to use laser distance measure that gives a smart impression while offering rapid, accurate measurements.

And while a notepad and pencil are still essential pieces of kit, consider using a tablet too, or at the least making good use of your Smart phone in order to take notes and photos of the job, so they can be easily filed and found again later.

Look the Business
If you’re concerned about how you’re going to protect such kit from getting damaged, there are organisers on the market designed to do just that. Solutions such as the ToughBuilt iPad organiser, for example, will ensure your tablet can be transported between jobs safely, while the ToughBuilt laptop bag is a handy alternative to juggling pens, tablets and notepads, with space for all these and more in one compact unit. The ToughBuilt iPad Organiser + Grid Notebook holds the iPad securely in place and is covered with a non-scratch surface, while a heavy-duty notebook is perfect for taking notes or drawing up plans by hand. The Smart Phone Pouch + Notebook & Pencil has a carabiner clip, while its elastic bands stretch to securely hold most models of smart phones.

Investing a bit of cash in such solutions will ensure you look the business next time you’re asked to quote on a job, and most importantly, that you stand a good chance of winning it.

For more information visit: www.brianhyde.co.uk

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