‘Tap’ Into Profit Potential With Redring

‘Tap’ Into Profit Potential With Redring

Richard Braid, Head of Showers and Water Heating at Redring, discusses the business opportunities boiling taps are presenting to installers, particularly now that more affordable options are available to homeowners.

Electric boiling tap installations are becoming increasingly popular within the UK market, with year-on-year increases of UK kitchen installations highlighting this. What’s more, demand from homeowners is only going up further and this presents great business prospects for you as electrical installers.

Tea drinkers and time savers
To give you the business context, 165 million cups of tea are drunk in the UK every year, with a YouGov survey stating that 52% of adults drink tea on a daily basis. In line with this, Expert Energy has claimed that up to 25% of energy used to boil a kettle may be wasted, and according to the Energy Saving Trust this equates to £68 million of unnecessary energy usage every year.

Homeowners are cottoning on to this, and alongside potential energy saving benefits, the practical convenience of a ‘3 in 1’ solution (boiling, hot and cold water all being readily available from a single tap) saves huge amounts of time and effort in the kitchen. Additionally, it isn’t just hot drinks that boiling taps can be used for, but also cooking vegetables, washing dishes and so on.

In fact, now that the prices of some boiling taps are less than £600, they offer a great alternative to kettles and traditional mixer taps too.

How electricians can benefit
This market trend is great news for you as electricians, as boiling water taps, unlike kettles, require an installer to fit.

A recently published Mintel report stated that 42% of the population purchased kettles in 2015. That’s 2 in 5 people who could be considered a potential sale. We also know from a recent WaterSafe survey, that 92% of you regularly talk to your customers about water and energy saving products. Therefore when you’re next discussing energy saving options with a customer, why not suggest a boiling water tap for their kitchen? You could reap the rewards.


Which tap to choose?
Redring’s new ‘3 in 1’ boiling water tap, Reditap, offers an affordable option for customers looking for an electric boiling water tap. Its lower cost makes it a viable option for most homeowners, whilst maintaining the high levels of performance you expect from Redring, complete with a two-year guarantee.

For electricians, Reditap is a straightforward and ‘quick connect’ install, requiring minimum tools for connection as it comes complete with all the necessary fittings in one box. Also, in line with all of Redring’s electric hot water solutions, the Reditap is readily available through electrical wholesalers across the country, so you can pick one up easily.

The age of the electric boiling tap is most certainly here. Make sure your customers know about it!

For further information about the new Reditap boiling water tap visit: www.redring.co.uk

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