Kosnic Lighting | UEM for Class III Luminaires

Kosnic Lighting | UEM for Class III Luminaires

Kosnic Lighting has launched a new Universal Emergency Module (UEM), suitable for all Class III luminaires with integrated LEDs and separate LED drivers, irrespective of manufacturer brand.

The innovative product uses Kosnic-developed Adaptive Current Control (ACC) to adjust the DC voltage output within the module’s limits to the appropriate level for the luminaire. It then adjusts the current to limit the power to a maximum of 3W to ensure operation time of three hours, as specified by BS 5266.

The UEM’s Li-ion battery discharge time remains constant regardless of the choice of LED luminaire, making it an extremely versatile solution that annuls the need for brand-specific emergency modules. Additionally, its compact size means that it offers the flexibility of installing it within a luminaire or within the ceiling void.

“With this new step in UEM technology the installer no longer needs to visit a site and confirm the brand of luminaire before purchasing an emergency module: with the Kosnic UEM they know that it will work before they get on-site, so they only need to carry one solution,” says WenTao Kuang, Managing Director of Kosnic Lighting.

Jeremy Turner, Managing Director of FAB Controls, who has reviewed the product said: “The UEM’s automatic voltage/current configuration is a very impressive feature that solves the problem of matching the fitting to the emergency control gear. Add to that the Lithium-ion battery packs for extended operational-life and you end up with a very solid product that does exactly what it says on the tin.”

For LED luminaires that use a DC jack – often found on LED panels and edge-lit downlights – a three-way connector is provided for easy installation. For those without a DC jack, the UEM can be easily connected between the driver and LED module via a junction box.

For more information visit: www.kosnic.com


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