Watch: How to Remove a Linian Fire Clip

Watch: How to Remove a Linian Fire Clip

According to the company, the Linian Fire Clip looks simple – and it is. Designed to save time, money and lives, this evolution of a vital building component aims to help make jobs neater and more effective.

Some of the benefits of using Linian Fire Clips include:

  • Fast – 70% quicker to install than traditional methods
  • Life saver – Meets recommendations for Fire Rated Cable Fixings in Escape Routes BS7671 Amendment 3
  • Cost effective – saves money on labour
  • Unique single component design – easy installation
  • Professional finish easily achieved – neat and tidy
  • Less drilling and screwing required
  • Reliable – maintains integrity longer
  • Tested in accordance with BSEN50200 PH120 Classification

The below video gives a quick guide to safely removing Linian Fire Clips.

For more information on the Linian Fire Clip, visit:

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