Flexicon | Flexible Conduit Specification Guide

Flexicon | Flexible Conduit Specification Guide

Responding to the demand to protect power and data cabling in today’s interconnected world, Flexicon has launched its most extensive flexible conduit Products and Solutions Guide to date.

The Flexicon 164-page guide highlights many of the potential hazards faced by cabling, using simple icons. It also has specific industry focussed sections that show the typical hazards faced and some of the cable protection systems commonly used.

The Products and Solutions guide is divided into colour coded non-metallic and metallic flexible conduit sections. Each section has a selection table at the front allowing specifiers to match different conduits against the hazard protection offered to make specification easier.

They can then reference the page showing that product and use pull out pages to match the flexible conduit with the corresponding correct fitting thus providing a complete protection system.

“The loss of power or data can be catastrophic for organisations in today’s world, says Colin Legg, Marketing Manager at Flexicon.

“Our new specification guide makes it easy to correctly specify a system of both conduit and fitting to match the nature and magnitude of the hazards faced. It is important to realise that different applications can be exposed to different hazards, so there is no one size fits all solution.

For more information visit: www.flexicon.uk.com

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