Product Test: Snickers LiteWork Range

Product Test: Snickers LiteWork Range

Professional Electrician’s Daniel Tovey tries on some of the latest garments from Snickers Workwear’s LiteWork range, designed to help you stay cool on-site this summer.

Life on the tools is hard enough without having to worry about the elements adding an extra challenge. A cold and wet site is the dread of any tradesperson but a heavy job in the peak of summer can be just as uncomfortable.

If you are going to stay productive when the mercury rises you are going to need some work clothes to keep you cool and allow you to move freely. All the better if it’s gear that you won’t mind being seen in at a beer garden after work.

With summer on the way, we tried the latest additions to Snickers Workwear’s LiteWork range designed to keep you cool, dry and well ventilated on-site.

1900 LiteWork Windbreaker Jacket (pictured above)
Muggy: that typically British summer weather where it’s damp and hot and, generally, unpleasant for all. When it’s too warm for a heavy jacket but too wet to not cover up, the LiteWork windbreaker is ideal for working in summer showers.

The jacket is incredibly light and, on first impression, appears quite thin and flimsy. However, as the name suggests this is a garment designed to repel and reduce the effects of the elements, so you will need a few extra layers if you are looking for protection from the cold.

The polyamide rip-stop fabric is windproof and water resistant and the effects of this material are further enhanced by the inclusion of an adjustable waist, and cuff inside the sleeves to ensure a tight fit for the wearer.

The windbreaker has clearly been designed with on-site practicality in mind, with pre-bent sleeves aiding freedom of movement and front pockets and easy-access zipped chest pocket perfect for a mobile phone. The reflective feature on the back is also a nice touch as bad weather inevitably means poor visibility on-site.

2518 AllroundWork T-shirt
It’s hard to find a good T-shirt that doesn’t warp or Snickers-June-Tshrink after a couple of washes. In this line Snickers has included a reinforced, back of the neck seam for added durability and has included lycra in the neck rib so the garment maintains its shape after washing.

I think the T-shirt is the subtle winner in this range. Most tradespeople will opt for polos on-site because they are, usually, pretty durable and the collars are smart. However, these cotton T-shirts are very comfortable to work in and the colour options available are subtle and smart making them a practical and professional looking alternative as your company uniform.

6101 LiteWork Shorts
As far as comfort is concerned, the 6101 shorts are great. They keep you cool, fit well around the waist and the Cordura stretch gusset in the crotch means that you can crouch, crawl and climb freely without risking any embarrassing rips or tears.

Snickers-June-ShortsThe 6101s are manufactured with Snickers’ 37.5 technology that captures and releases moisture vapour, ensuring the wearer stays cool and that the fabric can dry easily.

There are plenty of pouches and holsters for keeping all manner of tools and equipment close at hand. These are codura reinforced to reduce risk of tearing.

Obviously shorts aren’t ideal if you are working on your knees all day, but Snickers have also added ¾ length ‘pirate trousers’ which offer the light fit and freedom of movement of shorts as well as ‘Advanced KneeGuard’ pouches.

On the hottest days of the year, where work trousers are going to be hard to bear, these shorts would be both practical and comfortable.

6206 LiteWork Work Trousers+ Holster Pockets
I’ve tested quite a few pairs of Snickers work trousers in Snickers-June-trousersthe past and I could never fault them for protection. With your heavy-duty work trousers, as a compromise for added durability, you usually have to accept small limitations in movement. These LiteWork trousers however feel almost as durable as the heavier ranges without any restrictions. Just like the shorts, the trousers have the Cordura stretch gusset in crotch which really aids movement in tight spaces and the range also includes the Snickers’ Advanced KneeGuard Protection with expansion pleats, which keep knee pads securely fitted in the optimum position.

Solid Gear Vapor Safety Shoe
I’m a bit sceptical of safety shoes as I’ve always thought boots offer better all-round protection and, when it comes to footwear on-site, safety always should come ahead of looks. However, this model seems to integrate safety and durability with a relaxed trainer appearance without much of an obvious compromise.

The vibram outsole and Cordura Ripstop material make Snickers-June-Vaporthe shoe feel rugged enough, and they do feel lighter and less restrictive than boots. These would be great for days when you are darting back and forth to domestic jobs.

One thing I haven’t come across before is the BOA Closure System which allows you to fasten the shoe using a crank below the tongue. This is quicker than tying laces and would be easy to work even if you are wearing gloves or if your hands are plastered in god-knows-what.

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