Product Test: Builder’s Tea Box Portable Coffee/Tea Making Machine

Product Test: Builder’s Tea Box Portable Coffee/Tea Making Machine

“Would you like a brew?” For the humble trades professional, those words can sound like they’re sent from heaven. But, what if you had the capacity to make your own on-site? Norman Bradshaw gets the opportunity to do exactly that, as he tries out the Builder’s Tea Box.

Over the past 12-14 months, and with the restrictions placed on professionals and clients, a nice customer-made cup of tea has no doubt been in short supply. As such, the Builder’s Tea Box seems to have arrived at the opportune time. So, what is it? As the name suggests, it’s a portable tea/coffee making kit which comprises of a kettle, two cups, two storage containers, a spoon and a rather smart case to carry them all in, so that you can make your own brew while you’re at work.

Inside the sturdy case you get a 230V 3 pin cordless kettle which utilises a 600W motor and can boil up to 600ml of water in around five minutes. Although this seems like a longer boiling time in comparison to a kettle you might use at home, it’s not really about the speed but rather about giving you a nice brew in a decent time.

The two cups are made of enamel and look very expensive and stylish. This did cause an issue initially as the first time I made a drink it was a bit weak as I wasn’t used to making a drink in a dark cup (so took the tea bag out too early). After a bit of practice, this ceased to become an issue.

Each item has ‘Builder’s Tea Box’ emblazoned on them (so no one is going to run off with your kit) and the two enamel containers can be used to hold tea bags, coffee or, as I prefer, a few nice biscuits. The stay-fresh lids really do keep the contents fresh while the whole set comes in a purpose-made carrying case complete with detachable shoulder strap.

There’s also some scope for the kits to come in other combination sets in the future. For example, this set doesn’t include anywhere to put some milk so the addition of a small jar or space in the bag to put a small container of liquid would be a nice development.

I feel that with the current climate we’re facing in the construction industry, more contractors will be choosing to make their own tea in the future. As such, investing in the Builder’s Tea Box really does beat taking a flask to work and allows you to have your drink hot when you want it, the way you like it.


I absolutely love tea, and when it’s a cold day on-site a cup of tea feels like luxury. You can imagine my joy when I was asked if I was interested in trialling a cordless brew kit. I’ve always been a travelling tradey, and the cafe has regularly been my sanctuary. Freshly cooked food, on a plate, at a table, with a cup of tea has become something of a fantasy over this last year. So the timing was perfect, the weather was cold, I was frequently driving in the snow and combined with the inconvenience of lockdown, being able to make a tea with the Builder’s Tea Box was bliss.

Steve Williams, Liss Electrical



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